Hi, we are Eastern Affair,
a creative studio that produces visuals based on CGI illustration, photography, creative retouching & crafts. 

P.Lukšio str. 7, Vilnius


Trust of our partners and clients is our biggest inspiration. It's a creative empowerment that drives us through every single day and night. So every time a new project hits our table, we push our personal standards up. Both technically and visually.

We perceive our team as an orchestra where every piece of work comes with a specific and most suited mix of techniques, look and feel. And since all our team has experience working as creatives and accounts in advertising agencies, we talk the same language as art directors, copywriters and project managers, what makes the overall communication process a lot easier.

We are always open for unexpected professional collaborations and projects of any complexity and scale involving photoshoots, CGI and handcrafts. Feel free to contact us on new inquiries or any other subject like the latest episode of Mr. Robot or who is the best Batman.

+370 (625) 30 475

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