Meet newborn Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare and Mark Twain. They are the heroes of our ads for bookstore called MintVinetu which invites people to bring in their forgotten, dusty old classics, thus giving a second life to the big authors. Below are photo manipulated visuals used for the ad campaign and making of process.

This project was special for our team, so we made sure the process was as special as the idea behind it. After the general direction was established we went for black and white look. In order for the idea to work it was crucial to choose iconic writers who are both known world-wide and easily recognizable. After taking several candidates into consideration, Hemingway, Shakespeare and Twain became the main axis of the project. To make the newborn writers look as realistic as possible we decided to photograph real babies and turn them into the writers using digital retouching. A few separate photoshoots were held to gather other necessary resources: different hair, beards and other facial features. For that we photographed men who had similar features to the selected writers. We even had to turn to crafts for Mark Twain. A wig and moustache were created by a make-up artist.

Several photos were taken to provide our designer the material:

Making off videos:

Agency: New! Agency
Creative Director: Tomas Ramanauskas
Account Manager: Aurimas Lileikas
Designer: Nerijus Keblys
Art Direction: Eastern Affair
Digital Art: Eastern Affair
Photography: Edgaras Marozas
Lettering: Tadas Čiudaras
Make-up: Ūla Pakalniškytė
Casting: Lost&Found
Producers: Smena & Eastern Affair,